What It Takes To Get To Where You Want To Be


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Recently, we have had a lot of traffic in the gym, lots of new clients wanting to make healthier choices, or that have been inspired by one of our long-time members.  This is great! We love that people are willing to put their trust in Nathan and I’s business and what we believe in when it comes to what it takes to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  I’ve heard countless times that the idea of being in the same class as a very experienced member, is so daunting.  I understand where people are coming from, no one wants to look silly or be judged, but that is the best part about our gym, you will NEVER be judged on your fitness level, or your abilities.  The fact that you have shown up because you want to better yourself, is the exact reason why you will be welcomed and encouraged.

Everyone at some point in their life, has started in the same place that you are in. For example, Karen Beauchamp did not have popping abs the first time she attended our gym.  Matter of fact, Karen wiped out so hard on the floor her first class, that I was worried she was never going to come back.  But she did, and she kept coming back, consistently for a year and a half. She started with three days a week at the gym, and then also implemented some healthier food choices.  Once that was ingrained in her routine, she wanted to continue to improve, so she increased that three days a week to four, and consistently maintained that as part of her lifestyle.  The point I’m trying to get at, is that she put in a lot of hard work to get to where she is, and thinking that you somehow could never get to that level, or have the assumption that you somehow have it tougher than she does, is what is going to be so destructive right from the get-go.

Absolutely anyone can achieve great results, if they put in the work.  It’s hard not to compare yourself to someone who is extremely fit, and think that it just comes easier to them, or that they don’t have to work that hard for it.  I’ve been guilty of that too. But as soon as we assume that our difficulties are in someway worse than someone else’s, that’s when we fail before we even get started.  We don’t see the behind the scenes life of that extremely fit person who is going to bed at 9pm while the rest of their friends are staying out late, they skip the desserts at the workplace, they skip the alcoholic drinks on a night out, and they train consistently, even on the days they don’t necessarily feel like it.  Also, these people have not taken weeks or months off from this lifestyle.  These seem like small things, but they really add up, and some people don’t realize that it takes a lot of discipline to see results.

Everyday you have choices; drink pop or drink water, sleep in or hit the gym, go to bed late, or go to bed early, pack a lunch or grab takeout.  If you truly want to reach your goals, you will prioritize those healthy decisions.

The point of this article and what I mainly wanted to get across, was that every single person has to start somewhere, and we can never assume we will be on the level of someone who has been coming to SWS for a year, on our first day of class.  And that’s totally ok!  It takes a lot of work to get where these people are, and that’s what makes it rewarding!  You should be thrilled to be working out with such experienced people.  They will push you when you need it, gives you tips and pointers, basically be your workout guides.  You can learn a lot from them, because they are so happy to help! That’s what Southwest Strength is all about people!

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