Southwest Active – June. 12

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New training cycle everyone.

Again the focus hasn’t changed much since the past two cycles. The past 12 weeks we have progressed our upper body pushing and pulling movements and have saw good results with everyone. People are getting their first strict pull-ups or getting way more pull-ups now. This makes me happy.

We are continuing to progress our aerobic volume with tuesday’s being the run/row/bike day, but much different progression this time. Its interval based, so be prepared to set a good pace and challenge yourself.

We will be bringing back the sumo deadlift and now doing a cycle of back squat speed emom progressed over the next 6 weeks!! Thursdays are what I call WGC (weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio based intervals). Those will be VERY FUN!

If your a regular Saturday person, we are bringing back the partner workouts! Look forward to all the progress in the next few weeks everyone.

Also, we are officially done bootcamp and have had about 5 ladies sign up and continue on with their journey. You will see some new faces in the classes the next while, so be sure to give them a warm welcome to our classes and welcome them to our team!! We look forward to working with them.

Wk 1 – June. 12
Monday – CGBP/Row + Upper Assistance + Core AMRAP
A1. CGBP @ 40×1, 5-6 reps x 3 sets, 1:30 min
A2. Supinated Barbell Bent Over Rows @ 20×1, 5-7 heavy reps x 3 sets, 1:30 min
B1. Strict Pull-Up, AMRAP unbroken x 3 sets,1:30 min – if people only get 1-4 reps – get them to do one without a band, then have them perform a PILE more reps with a band – aim for 5-10 reps
B2. Push-Ups, 1 min AMRAP x 3 sets, 1:30 min
C. For Time:
10 Turkish Get Up @ 16/24kg
15 Single Arm Hang KB Clean to OH/arm @ 16/24kg
2 min FLR on Rings
15 Single Arm Hang KB Snatch/arm @ 16/24kg
1 min Hollow Rocks – good quality reps here

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