Power of Community: Recap of SWS partner competition.

Power of Community: Recap of SWS partner competition.
What a great weekend! Wow. Nathan and I got home from a full day of setting up, announcing, judging and tidying up, and we were just buzzing from excitement as to how good the day went. There were tonnes of personal bests, countless high fives and just good old hard work.

 One of my favourite moments was judging event 1, and thinking to myself, wow, we have some really strong people that come to our gym, and wow everyone has such good technique. We take great pride in how our members move, so seeing people push max weight over their heads, but making it look pretty at the same time, made me extremely happy! 

Onto event 2, I was curious to see what people would do on this one, because you could only make it hurt as much as you wanted to. Not one person disappointed. I saw every single person give full effort on the rower, the DB’s, and lastly, that horrible Airbike, and then proceed to collapse on the floor. Another proud moment as a gym ower, was when everyone was cheering on those two people going as hard as they could on that last minute of biking. Not one person there was going to let you give up before you were done. 

I think everyone was looking forward to event 3. By now, the nerves were gone, and this 15 min AMRAP could be split between the 2 partners however they chose, which is something we do often in our Saturday classes. As I predicted, full effort from everyone again! Some highlights from this event to me, were Marcie Greenley CRUSHING burpees, compared to when she started and would struggle with them. Another one was Courtney Skelton’s game face on that rower. Holy, don’t mess with that girl! 

Not sure if anyone was necessarily pumped when we announced there was a final, but no one was quitting now!

Highlights from the final event would have to be my mom, Linda Harmon, feeling a little hesitant with the DB snatches at 35lbs. This weight is HEAVY for her, and she completed 30 reps of them! Also, Chris Louttit with the most impressive DB slam to end off a workout that I have ever seen.

All in all, it was such a fantastic day and it wouldn’t have been this good if it weren’t for our amazing members. The reason SWS is such a great place to be is because of you people! So thank you!

Nathan and I both agree that this will now be an annual event, and hope we can grow it each year! 

Now, let’s carry all this good energy into our test week!

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