How To Set Priorities And Stick To Them


We all have personal goals, at least we all should have personal goals. In fitness, that may be weight loss, health, movement, body comp, or performance related goals. Coaching clients with a wide variety of goals, I commonly see clients tell me their personal goals with very good intentions of making them their top priority, only to quickly fall off the band wagon and say screw it.

At Southwest Strength, we never really sugar coat anything in terms of fitness progression, weight loss or performance related goals. Usually during the conversation of personal goals, we commonly say it will take some smart planning, good movement, good nutrition etc, but the most important things that we stress will be that reaching your goals is going to take TIME, a lot of HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY. We will be the first to tell you, if your not ready to work for them, its probably because your goals just aren’t that important to you.

Here are some tips to consider when setting priorities and goals.

  1. Understand and know your WHY – there are going to be plenty of reasons when you wake up in the morning as to why you can’t work towards your goals for the day. Trust me we could honestly make an excuse every single day when it comes to skipping your training, this is why understanding your WHY becomes so important. Knowing your why will automatically make that decision as to should you work your ass off today or not pretty damn easy.
  2. Have a plan daily as to how your day is going to be laid out. If you know anything about me as a coach, planning for success is key. This means planning your food for the day, knowing what time your going to be training, what time your going to bed, etc.  The best time to do this is the NIGHT before.
  3. Your going to have to make some sacrifices. Like I said above, there will be times where your not going to want to train, due to being tired, stressed out at work, crappy sleep, the list goes on and on. Sacrifce will have to occur at some point if working towards your goals is a priority. You may have to leave that night out with friends a little extra early so you can get home and get enough sleep for training the next day.
  4. Understanding your top 5. What is most important to you? Your family, girlfriend, husband, job, favourite tv show, etc? If you can lay out what you know is most important to you, especially whats most important for you to get through your days HAPPY and feeling successful then you make those the first to get done for the day.
  5. Surround yourself with people that support you and make you a better person. Coaching people for the past 10 years in competitive high school sports and people with fitness related goals has definitely taught me how important a supporting cast is, having a coach is and being able to share a common goal with like minded people actually are. Everyone should have a coach and a group that pushes you to be your best.

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