Sw Active & Sw Barbell -Feb. 14

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Going into the week with COMPLETE FOCUS. How bad do you want to achieve your goals? Head down, eyes forward, ready to work.

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Tuesday – Upper EMOM + Partner Mixed Map
EMOM x 20 minutes:
1st – 30 sec AMRAP strict Pullups or Chinover Bar Holds/ Barbell Bent Over Rows
2nd – 4-6 Ring Dips or 4-6 Strict Dips or 30 sec Push-Ups (follow steps as written) 1st) Push-Ups, 2nd – Strict Dips 3rd – Ring Dips
3rd – 5-7 L arm DB Rows @ 40×1 – heavy
4th – 4-6 Push Press @ 11×1 – tough loading
5th – 5-7 R arm DB Rows @ 40×1 – heavy
4 rounds for time in teams of 2:
150 Single Unders – while partner holds double kb front rack @ 16/24kg/arm – reps don’t count if kbs aren’t racked
50 Russian KBS @ 16/24kg – partner must hold front bridge

Feb. 14
Tuesday – Weightlfting
A. Squat Snatch, work to a single
B. CJ, work to a single

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