Southwest Active – Feb. 6 – Test Week

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Open prep with this group on Saturday, they clearly had the time of their lives. They will be competing in the open starting Feb. 23 – March 27.

This week with Southwest Active we touch on some old tests and some new ones. We will be testing an upper pushing stamina tester on Monday, row fatigue repeatability tester on Tuesday, and a mixed aerobic power test on Thursday. Make those days a priority to come in and test yourself. Its super valuable to gain an understanding of where you sit in terms of progress, so shying away from the testing does you no justice. On Tuesday, we will be collecting all data received on the row tester, I will then write a blog post breaking down the results and making things more clear as to what the scores mean. I look forward to it, and so should you!

Wk 6 – Testing Wk – Feb. 6 Monday
5 min AMRAP – Hand- Release Push-Ups – *goal is hand release then push-up, then scaled *if someone can do like 3-5 push-ups DO NOT SCALE IT – this is a test
*refer back to Dec. 27
AMRAP in 5 minutes – Burpee Pullups *keep them strict/elbows fully extended at the bottom
Scaled: AMRAP in 5 minutes – Burpee Jumping Pullups – arms fully extended @ the bottom
EMOM x 20 minutes:
1st – 30 sec Double KB Front Rack Carry @ heavy load
2nd.- 30 sec Handstand Practice
3rd – 30 sec Inverted Burpees/Burpee Squat to Roll-up/Pistol Roll-Ups
4th – 40 sec L arm Farmers Carry @ heavy load
5th – 40 sec R arm Farmers Carry @ heavy load

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