January 2017 Member’s of the Month


Brandi Carr & Andrew Chartrand are both our members of the month for January 2017. If you have ever came to our gym for one class or are a regular attending client, you all know these two. They have been very committed clients of Southwest Strength and a HUGE part of our community. They have grown to be much more than just clients for Sara and I, but friends and people we talk with daily.

Brandi Carr, started working out with Sara in our garage days of October 2015. We call her Biceps like Brandi cause well, look at the picture – her arms are RIPPED. Brandi has committed herself to 4-5 days of training and follows a very well thought out nutrition plan. She does some pretty amazing things in our gym. Some of her strongest skill sets are anything to do with her ARMS (go figure right – Biceps like Brandi) she can do the following with ease: handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, strict pull-ups, strict chest to bar, strict ring dips – if there is an upper body pushing and pulling movement she is doing it! I am bragging Brandi up here because she would never tell anyone or brag about what she can do. She’s the quite and very HUMBLE human being that puts in the hard work, goes home and crushes a beer afterward ;).

Brandi thanks for being such a huge part of Southwest Strength. You trust the process, work your ass off and are very humble about your accomplishments. You should be proud of yourself.

Andrew Chartrand, started his first day with his wife Mandy chartrand in December 2015. I still remember the conversation with Andrew about that very first day, he said he had never been so sore in his life, and that it was the hardest thing he has ever done. Andrew and his wife Mandy have been attending regularly since then. The funny part about the assessment, and we joke about it now, is that its basic movements like air squats, lunging, simple pressing and pulling movements and then we ended with 2 minutes of BURPEES. He chuckles now because the stuff he did in his assessment (that made him sore for over a week) is now basically a warm-up for what he can do now.

Andrew has lost over 45lbs this past year alone. He and his family have made HUGE lifestyle changes. One of Andrews main motivators to start the gym and make fitness a priority in his life was to be a positive role model for his little boy Emmett. He also said he wants to be able to be fit, healthy and capable of keeping up with his little boy.

Andrew has accomplished a lot since that first day of his assessment. He can now almost back squat 400lbs, do a rope climb, deadlift 450lbs and bench press over 230lbs. He has also mentioned numerous times that he feels much healthier, fit and energetic for daily tasks at home and at work. He said he remembers the days when he couldn’t cut his grass with a push lawnmower without having to take a break. Now he does it without barely sweating (jk about the sweating, Andrew is a sweaty human haha).

Aside from Andrew making awesome progress and challenging himself daily, he is a huge part of Southwest Strengths community. He makes friends with everyone, makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome, and definitely is the first one to add you on Facebook :).

Thanks Andrew for making Southwest Strength what it is today!

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