A Weekend to Remember

The past weekend of Jan.13-15 was a very busy and memorable one for Southwest Strength. We had 3 athletes competing at the Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships hosted in Montreal Quebec representing team Manitoba.  We also had 6 athletes competing at the annual Crossfit Winnipeg’s FrostFit competition, as well had a lot of gym members that came to cheer them on.

Rienna Skelton, Jack Kirkup and Carter Mckinney competed in their first ever weightlifting championship. Rienna (15) competed in the 58kg junior women’s category finishing 8th overall. She hit a personal best competition snatch @ 56kg (124lbs) and clean and jerked 75kg (165lbs), she barely missed a new PR attempt at 79kg (175lbs). Jack (17) competed in the 85kg mens category finishing 8th overall. He hit a new competition PR total @ 195kg, snatching 82kg (183lbs) and clean and jerking 113kg (249lbs). Carter (19) competed in the 77kg mens category finishing 11th overall. He hit a new competition PR total @ 190kg, snatching 85kg (187lbs) and Clean and jerking 105kg (231lbs).

Overall it was an amazing first experience for all of these athletes. There is ALOT of pressure and very little room for error in the sport of weightlifting and these athletes handled that pressure very well. We are already talking about next years Junior Nationals that are being hosted in Halifax. They will most likely be competing in the Western Canadian Championships for Team Manitoba come March as well. Stay posted for some big time progress this coming year.




This past weekend Sara Harmon, Bree Vanhove, Danielle Davies, Ally Beauchamp, Krista Corrigal and Sydney Vanhove competed in FrostFit. They all had an amazing weekend competing in very challenging tests of fitness. Some new personal accomplishments were had. Ally Beauchamp set a new clean PR @ 190lbs!!!!, Danielle Davies set a new Hang Snatch PR @ 105lbs and Sydney Vanhove set a new clean PR @ 140lbs.

Sara Harmon and Bree Vanhove ended up placing first overall in the women’s category. Sydney Vanhove and Krista Corrigal finished 8th overall and Danielle Davies and Ally Beauchamp finished 14th overall.  These athletes gave their ALL in each and every event. It was very inspiring to see them give every ounce of effort and leave it all out there on the floor.


Thank you to Marcie Greenley, Carolyn Arndt, Andrew Chartrand, Mandy Chartrand, Brandi Carr, Linda Harmon, Lloyd Harmon, Brynn Kirkup, Karen Beauchamp and Doug Beauchamp for coming all weekend and cheering our athletes on. It made us very proud and flattered to have our cheering section at the competition. When we say we are literally a family at Southwest Strength this is why, the unlimited amount of support we receive daily from everyone is amazing.


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