Karen Beauchamp’s Fitness Journey

Pretty awesome piece on Karen Beauchamp. Karen started training with us full time in April 2016. She immediately bought into what we were trying to accomplish. She believes in the journey of progress in health, fitness and longevity. 

She was always very determined to learn. She asked good questions and took notes on workouts. The best part about Karen’s journey is that she doesn’t stress about the scale or weigh herself even weekly. She wants to improve in all aspects of her training. Focusing on getting stronger, moving better, breathing better and becoming more mobile has been the focus. In return she has lost 25lbs and is in the best shape she has ever been in. 

If you are heading into the new year looking for motivation and inspiration, read Karen’s piece and take some notes. This was 10 months of consistent  3-5 days/week of training and good eating habits! 

How long have you been attending Southwest Strength?


I started April 1, 2016 so 9 full months.



What was your background in health, fitness/exercising before you started your fitness journey?


I played high school sports (volleyball, basketball and baseball), some curling in my 20’s and a stint of running in my early 30’s. After my second child was born (1993) I never got back to a fitness routine as I became more and more busy with kids and work and didn’t put much effort into taking care of myself.



In the picture you are wearing pants that you used to wear pre-Southwest Strength, how much weight have you lost?


I have lost a total of 25 lbs and I have been able to keep it off.



What was your view on fitness/health/weight loss before you started @ Southwest Strength? How has it changed since then?


I have always thought fitness and health were important things but what has changed for me is to make “my” fitness and “my” health a priority. Weight loss has not been as key as maintaining a healthy weight so I don’t fixate about the number though I am happy to have lost weight. I have also come to realize that if a person wants to have good senior years they need to be fit going into those years. For a long time I said I would have time later to do things but I finally stopped saying that and said the time is now.



What are some of your proudest achievements?


Box Jumps and climbing a rope and a thank you to Dillon for being there for both of my first ones and encouraging me to “just try”.



What are your current goals? What keeps you motivated?


I want to run a 5K race, do a floor push up, a pull up and a handstand and I think these goals are in order of easiest to hardest for me. What keeps me motivated is that in every class I try to find something to be happy about or proud of. Sometimes it is just being happy to get through a tough routine or to feel that I did one movement better or faster than before or use a little more weight on an exercise. Sometimes I just compare where I am today to where I was a month ago or six months ago. I always leave the gym happy.



Your known for the person that show’s up consistently on the days that are considered very tough workouts. What makes you so excited for those days?


I feel the positive changes in my strength and endurance and I think it is the tougher workouts that are getting me there. I can be excited about them because I believe they are doing me the most good for my fitness and health.



You have grown to be a very big part of our community here at Southwest Strength, what is your favourite part about the “team” atmosphere?


I feel enveloped by genuine good will from the other members and it is important to give that back. Because everyone does that the gym provides something for the spirit as well as the body. Sometimes I like to come early to class to be in a place of belonging for the good feelings it gives me. And I stretch out too.



What are some of the changes you have made in your life outside the gym? What would be your go to favourite post workout meal?


I eat much better now and I do additional fitness activities at home that I didn’t do before. My favourite post workout meal is a chicken breast and roasted sweet potato chunks and chickpeas.



What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their fitness journey with our community?


A person should not be worried about whether they are fit enough to start or if it will be hard. They should be looking forward to the surprises it will bring. For example once I turned 50 I started having trouble with my joints especially my knees and I just thought that’s what happens as you age. But once I started at the gym, “surprise” that got better and better until I have no troubles at all. All of the other things I can do now or do better are surprises along the way. I think there are surprises and possibilities waiting for anyone who comes.


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