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Braeden and I have worked together for the last 3 years. Every year he has improved in all aspects of fitness. The past year Braeden has focused on training for the sport of CrossFit. Recently Braeden has moved away for his new job in Brandon, MB. So he currently does not workout at Southwest Strength. He is still following his individual program through our remote coaching service that we offer. We communicate through email and texting 2-3/x a week. Braeden record keeps his results and sends me feedback every week, to ensure progress.

Priorities for Braeden are currently improving his squatting strength and improving his gymnastics – upper pushing and upper pulling. We are slowly building volume in skills like Muscle Ups and HSPU. His muscle ups have made good progress. Recently he scored 17 burpee muscle ups in a 5 min AMRAP, that was up from 6 in April. That tells me he is gaining more experience, strength, skill and building volume in the movement.

Braeden has always had a good capacity with modalities like rowing, biking, running, burpees etc. That is usually #2 or #3 priority in his training, and it is usually more CrossFit type based aerobic work – IE box jumps, wall balls, KBS etc. His priority continues to focus on building foundational strength in his squat, pressing and pulling. He needs to build his squat up which will in return help his weightlifting. Right now he currently front squats 255lbs and clean and jerks 240lbs – that is 94% of his front squat, which tells me a few things – 1) He is efficient at weightlifting. 2) If we can improve his squatting his clean and jerk should improve!

Braeden struggles with movements like strict HSPU, shoulder to overhead and horizontal pushing. So movements like CGBP, Ring Dips, Slow Tempo HSPU, Presses, DB Presses, DB Bench Press will all help him improve his overall capacity in HSPU.

Here is a look at his current weekly design:

Week 2 – Aug, 22
Monday – 1 & 1/4 Fsq int + Sn Int + Upper Push/Pull
A. 1 and 1/4 Front Squat @ 20×1, 3-3-3-3, 2:30 min
B. Hi Hang Squat Snatch, work to a single – pause in the dip
C. Hi Hang Squat Snatch, 3 reps @ 75% of B every 90 sec x 4 sets
D1. Kipping HSPU to Deficit Cluster @ 40×1, 1.1.1 x 5 sets, 10 sec
D2. Weighted Pronated C2B @ 40×1, 2 reps x 5 sets, 1:30 min
E. For Time:
DB Push Press @ 45lbs/arm – 12,9,6,3
Legless Rope Climb to 12ft – 2,2,1,1

Tuesday – Strict HSPU + Mixed Map Sets
A. Strict HSPU, 3 unbroken reps every min x 10 minutes
B. 10 sets @ high effort/85-90%:
10 Burpees
10 Russian KBS @ 32kg
10 Cal AirBike
1:30 min
C. FLR on Rings, 45-60 sec unbroken every 2 min x 5 sets – focus on turning the hands/thumbs out so you get complete lock out

Thursday – 1 & 1/4 Bsq Int + Cj Int + Upper Push/Pull
A. 1 and 1/4 Back Squat @ 20×1, 3-3-3-3, 2:30 min
B. Tng Power Clean to Split Jerk, work to a tough single – no reset b/t PC and SJ
C. 15 tng Power Clean to OH @ 85% of B for Time – no reset b/t PC and SJ
D1. Weighted Ring Dip @ 20×0, 5 reps x 5 sets, 30 sec
D2. Strict Pronated Pullups, 6-8 reps x 5 sets, 1:30 min
E. For Time:
Bar Muscle Up – 3,2,1
Toes To Bar – 15,12,9

Friday – RMU + Mixed Map Sets
A. Ring Muscle Ups, 3 unbroken every min x 10 minutes
B. 5 sets @ high effort/85-90%:
50 Double Unders
15 KBS @ 32kg
20 Wall Balls @ 20lbs to 10ft
25 Cal Rowing
Rest 3:30 min b/t sets

Here is a good snap shot of what some of our individual design programs look like. Expect to see some good things come from this fella in the future. He has a very good work ethic and is determined to improve. It has been a pleasure working with him.

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