Southwest Active – Monday – Aug. 15/2016

Hey Everyone,

So a couple things to go over for the week. We have our customer appreciation BBQ/Pool Party this coming up sunday – Please Sign Up. Sara and I cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity we have been given to help everyone in our community. We are forever happy. It will be awesome, please sign up!

This monday – Aug.15 – we have a videographer coming to SWS from 4-8pm. I have talked to a few of you about some testimonials. Hopefully you guys can all show up! My plan with the video is to get footage of our classes, people training and show case our amazing community and positive environment that we are fortunate to be apart of everyday. Just so you know if you see some guy videoing tomorrow night. Andrew has promised to shower and comb his hair tomorrow night.

We have a new training program. Nothing to crazy. Like always we are trying to improve on strength (squatting, deadlifting, upper pushing/pulling -pullups/pushups etc), core strength, mobility and our aerobic capacity (rowing, biking, running etc). Alot of you guys probably don’t notice how much you have improved, but Sara and I talk on the regular about a lot of you who have been putting in the work. It is so amazing to see. For example – Dwight Murray (don’t tell him I told you guys this) – friday night did the 7 sets @ 85-90% of 200m Run/200m Row – rest 2min – EVERY SET he got faster – his first set was sub 1:50 and his last set was 1:29 -> that is amazing pacing and effort.

The program is going to have some Mobility programmed in (aka – smashing, yoga type stretching – Cory Aitken said he wanted it 🙂 ). Also on Wednesday is going to be considered a skilled day. So there may be some new things you guys have never done before. The point of wednesdays is to learn new things, and practice in a NON-Fatigued State. A lot of this stuff will be like gymnastic based (body weight type stuff), I really think you guys are going to enjoy it! : )

Week of Aug. 15
Monday – Deadlift Linear + Bsq Linear + Core
A. Double Overhand Clean Grip Deadlift @ 40×0, 5 reps every 2 min x 6 sets –
B. Back Squat @ 40×1, 5 reps every 2 min x 6 sets
C. EMOM x 12 minutes:
1st – 10-15 sec L-Sit from on top of Rings – progressions
2nd – Plank Walk Out + 10-20 sec Hold
3rd – Bear Position Superman – Alternate slowly for 30 seconds

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