Meet Dwight Murray

One of our most consistent and up beat members – Dwight Murray. Dwight started training in Nov. 2015. I know at first he was skeptical (like most), but now you really can’t keep Dwight out of the gym. He is there almost every day. Smiling, high fiving and yelling at someone. He is always up for a good laugh and some sarcasm, which we love!! As Dwight’s coach we couldn’t be more proud to work with him, as he is exactly what we want from our members in creating a healthy, positive and supportive community. Thanks to members like Dwight, we are inspired and motivated to improve daily!
Meet Dwight Murray:
Tell us three things about yourself that we may not know? (job, hobbies etc)
 I am a GM dealer in Melita, Love sports and staying active in the outdoors.
How long have you been training at Southwest Strength?
Cara and I started with the gym on Nov 2nd, 2015. We went to support the opening of a new business in Melita and got sold on the whole fitness story.  The gym was electric that day and we decided to sign up for one day a week.
Why do you attend Southwest Strength? What are your goals?
I attend to improve my fitness and strength. My goal is to beat the aches and pains, for example making my core stronger to help relieve lower back pain
When initially starting at SWS what were your expectations/assumption’s? Have those expectations/assumption changed since?
I was intimidated the first class, just going to the gym for the first time in my life. It only lasted one class, the second time you go you feel part of the club, it was great from there on in.  I assumed it was too much about lifting and being strong for me.  One session and I could see it was for everyone.  You make it what you want.  Lots of conditioning at the pace you choose yourself.
What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Cardio is my favorite.  The lifting is all fun as well.  The worst–> burpees and front squats.  
Proudest accomplishment so far?
My cardio improvements.  Plus, I can climb a rope…..  couldn’t do that when I was 14!
How many days a week do you train at SWS?
4 days minimum, sometimes 5.  Usually the 6 pm club!
Your favorite workout partner is?? (please say your wife Cara)
Page and Cara of course.  Morgan and Brett for the summer.   That’s all 5 of us when we hit the same nights, that’s pretty cool.
Your favorite part about Southwest Strength?
The culture/ The people.  Its a great environment, meet new people, work hard, goof around, you always feel great when your hour is over.  I like the classes, 1 hour, a different group almost every time.  Sara and Nathan instruct you every time, how to do things the proper way.  You know its good when you forgive Friday night happy hour for a 6 pm session at Southwest Strength!
In your opinion, how important is health and fitness? And what does it mean to you!?
Health and fitness is always on our minds, but has never been a priority. We have changed our routines to include the gym and now it is a priority.  Its not hard when you enjoy it so much.  I have nicknamed Southwest Strength  “The Endorphin Factory”  Its great for the mind and the body, I really believe that.

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