Member of the Month April 

This month we have TWO members of the month. Diane and Ally are both two of our longest attending clients at Southwest Strength, dating back to our garage days last year. You may not see them much around the gym, because they are both morning warriors.

Diane has made amazing improvements in all aspects of her movement quality and work capacity. She has learned to breathe through some of the “longer” type workouts. Obviously her fitness has improved, but the best part about having Diane apart of our team is her being genuinely very kind, welcoming and very positive. She has messaged Sara numerous time being very thankful for her help and just very excited in a “feel” good mood after the workout she just had that AM. Diane displays all the qualities we look for in our members, as she is coachable, hard working, doesn’t make excuses and is very positive and encouraging with fellow members!

Ally has been training with me since the summer of 2014. Her progress physically has been tremendous. She just recently back squatted 245lbs, deadlifted 315lbs and got an amazing 205 cals on the 10 minute airdyne test. If you have ever worked out with Ally you really can’t help but notice how fast she moves through the work capacity stuff. She has an amazing ability to breathe through work and push herself! She is what I would consider VERY aerobically fit. Outside of all her abilities is a kind hearted, very polite young lady that Sara and I have grown very close too! We don’t know what Ally’s plans are next year, but we hope she never leaves 😊.

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