Southwest Active-Monday-May 2/2016

Hey guys. Sara and I are organizing a TEAM workout for June 4. Call it a kick off for summer and a send off for our athletes competing in Regina the following weekend. This will be a FREE class and want 100% of our members to see if they can make it!! It will be a good time to hang out with all members in a group workout setting. Looking at having teams of 4 or 5!! Sign up on mindbody

Week 3Monday -Fsq Test + Fsq Int % + Run/Row Based Mixed Map

A. Front Squat, work to a tough set of 1- if it feels good go for that PR

B. 4 sets @ high effort/85-90%:

400m Run (scale as needed)

10 Box Jumps @ 20/24″ – Step Down

10 DB Snatch @ 35/50

10 Burpees

Rest Same As Work

Mix and Match Work Order

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