Southwest Active/Community Fundraiser Recap-Monday- April. 25/2016


 *Braden Cory was the last man left on the floor for the final two minutes of the 16 min amrap. His team would not let him slow down! The atmosphere was awesome and Braeden’s final effort was outstanding

This past weekend Team Southwest Strength attended a crossfit community fundraiser at Sublime Strength and Conditioning in Winnipeg. Team consisted of Ally Beauchamp, Braeden Cory, Jack Kirkup and Rienna Skelton. They all had an amazing day.

Event 1 consisted of 12 minutes as a team to establish a 1 rep max shoulder to overhead:

Braeden Cory-255lbs (45lb PR)

Jack Kirkup- 245lbs (10lb PR)

Ally Beauchamp – 160lbs (25lb PR)

Rienna Skelton -155lbs (15lb PR)

*team southwest strength 820lbs- 3rd place/22 teams

Event 1B consisted of a sled relay each team member had to push the sled down and back two times (4 laps total) for 2 sets each

Team time was 7:24- 10th place/22 teams

Event 2 consisted of :

16 min AMRAP

10 front squat 65lbs

10 lateral barbell burpees

10 cal assault bike

*team southwest strength 15 full rounds + 10 front squat + 3 burpees – 2nd overall/22 teams

We heard nothing but amazing compliments about the “kid” team. On two occasions they were put on the spot about their age and their performance! As their coach I could not be more proud! They represented our community in a very respectful, positive, encouraging and hard working way. Not only that, but their movement/technique was outstanding. All that hard work they have put in is starting to pay off.

Make sure you guys congratulate them on a awesome weekend.
Week 2 – April 25
Monday -Fsq Test + Fsq Int % + Run/Row Based Mixed Map
A. Front Squat, work to a tough set of 2
B. Front Squat @ 20×1, 2 reps @ 94% of A x 3 sets, 2-3 min
C. 5 sets @ high effort/85-90%:
200m Run
7 Burpees
7 Russian KBS 16kg/24kg
rest same as work time


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