Southwest Active -Tuesday – March 15/2016

Amber fighting to get that chin over the bar. What a great night on Monday! Sara and I were so pumped after all the vibes everyone gave. From the PRs to the 100% effort and the beaks, it was Awesome!!

Tuesday Bsq Int % + 3/3 map x 5
A. Back Squat @ 20×1, 2 reps @88-92% x 4 sets, 3min
B. 3min @85-90%:
Row Cals
-3min rest
3min @85-90%:
3 burpees
3 kbs 24kg/32kg
3 air squats
-3min rest
3min @85-90%:
Airdyne/AirBike Cals
-3min rest
3min @85-90%


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